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Heat Exchanger Maintenance & Installation Services

Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Installation Services
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Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Installation Services

Escher Divisions heat exchanger service, designs, manufactures, services, and installs recuperative heat exchangers for use in iron-melting furnaces (cupolas) and glass-melting furnaces. Escher recuperators and coolers have been used since 1956 and have a worldwide reputation for quality. In dirty waste gas applications, Escher recuperators can increase efficiency up to 30% and have a life expectancy exceeding 15 years. In some cases return on investment has been achieved in less than 3 years. This long life is attributed to several unique design characteristics: units are metallic with no internal refractory; they are vertically mounted and hung from spring supports. Abrasion and dust build-up are minimal because all heat exchange surfaces are parallel to dirty gas flow. We also use hollow fins, each of which can move independently of the other to provide the majority of the surface for heat transfer between the air and hot gases. The Escher recuperative air heater is capable of handling dirty waste gases without a cleaning system, providing preheated air up to 1100° F.

Escher heat exchanger services also provide flue gas coolers; which work much like a recuperator. The difference is that ambient air is used to cool the waste gases. It can then be captured and used for multiple applications, such as building space heating or materials drying.

As with all of our products, a full range of services are available, we provide maintenance, replacement parts, and on-site visits for start-ups or troubleshooting.

For more information on Escher heat exchanger services, or to obtain and ROI analysis, contact Escher directly.

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