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Fabrication of an Asphalt / Limestone Mixing Skid System for the Roofing Industry

Fabrication of Asphalt / Limestone Mixing Skid System
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Fabrication of Asphalt / Limestone Mixing Skid System

At Maumee Valley Fabricators, we specialize in custom equipment skid fabrication for a variety of processing applications. This mixing system skid was developed for our customer in the roofing industry. The system contains a pressure vessel to mix the limestone solids with the adhesive or sealant in preparation for application to roofing shingles. The system measures 8' x 12' x 15' high and is fabricated from A36 carbon steel and carbon steel pipe. The steel and pipe were cut using our band saws and plasma burners and components were custom formed and welded with fabrication tolerances of ±1/8".

The system was assembled with an ASME code pressure vessel and all pipes were pressure tested to ensure the system met all safety and customer specifications. The completion time on this project was 18 weeks. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide customers with quality fabrications from small components up to large skid fabrications like this system. For more information about this custom equipment skid fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Fabrication of an Asphalt/Limestone Mixing Skid System - Project Highlights

Product Description
This system mixes solids with adhesive or sealant for application to roofing shingles.
Custom Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Plate Roll, Plasma Burn Table, Band saw
Overall Part Dimensions
8 ft. wide x 12 ft. long x 15 ft. high
Tightest Tolerances
Plus or Minus 1/8" fabrication
Material Used
A-36 Carbon steel, carbon steel pipe and tube
In process testing/inspection performed
ASME "U" Stamp for Mixing Tank, Pressure Test Piping
Industry for Use
Roofing Industry
Delivery/Turnaround Time
18 weeks after receipt of order
Delivery Location
Various Plants in USA
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Asphalt/Limestone Mixing Skid System
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